Bespoke English-language content + experienced media professionals + passion and knowledge of German football = Bundesliga Export

With the Bundesliga’s popularity growing around the world, more clubs and organisations are seeking ways of getting the message of German football to an English speaking audience.

At Bundesliga Export, our mission is to bring top quality English language media solutions for German Football. We can combine the expertise of experienced native English speaking media professionals, with a deep passion and knowledge of the Bundesliga.

The German language can be a stumbling block in engaging with English speakers from across the world, but that is no trouble for Bundesliga Export. But instead of merely translating content we aim to tailor media products to an English speaking audience, not just in terms of language but also in a style the audience is used to.

You are in good hands with Bundesliga Export. Our team have worked for some of the most prestigious names in sport and media, not just in Germany but across the world. We speak your language and we speak the language of German football’s international fans.

With the profile of German Football growing year on year, the benefit of high quality English language media will become greater and greater. That doesn’t only help individual clubs grow their international fan base but brings extra value for sponsors and aids the German game as a whole.