Who We Are

Final CutBundesliga Export has pooled the skills and expertise of media professionals with experience in written media, radio, television, design and translation.

The Bundesliga Export team has experience in producing content for international media organisations including:

  • Deutsche Welle
  • The Football League
  • Premier League
  • Australian Motorsport News
  • BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service)
  • WDR
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Bundesliga.com

Borussia DortmundAlongside this wealth of experience, there is a common link between every member of the Bundesliga Export team – a love of the Bundesliga and German football. It is this passion, combined with the experience of delivering media products to an international audience, that Bundesliga Export can offer your club. We believe that the best way to communicate with an international audience is to have content produced by native speaking professionals, who not only understand who they are talking to, but also understand German football. After all, some things can’t simply be translated…they need to be experienced.